About the campaign

Hi, My name is Willie Harrison.

This blog was created to encourage people to care more about the world around them.

The world we live in is a wonderful world. We can spend hours talking about majestic natural wonders like the vast amazon forest, or talking about the animals of the African savannah.

Or more simply, you can also feel the beauty of nature in the places you travel to. These include white sand beaches with golden sunshine and clear blue water in El Nido or Praia do Sancho or snowy white peaks around the world.

But all of that has been gradually losing day by day. Why? I do not believe it myself, but we are the cause of it. Modern life entails a lot of environmental consequences and a series of pollution problems.

Waste is the number one enemy. There are dozens of annual statistics about the vast amount of un-recycled waste that goes directly into the environment. They are plastic, rubber, scrap paper, etc.

But there are ways for you to solve them right at your home. That is our purpose. We love new technologies, environmental protection, green living. So we will show you how to protect the environment through each blog post, our views on technology trends. If you love the earth, please join us, thank you.