Greenpeace encourages the reproduction and distribution of all original materials hosted at or However, it's important to know a few ground rules.

In general

Materials on this website are free to use for personal or educational purposes. We active encourage you to use these materials on the site to create your own materials to spread the campaign. These specific high resolution materials are provided for this purpose.

If you want screen shots to use in a text book, or you want to reproduce an article in your community newsletter, there's no need to ask, provided you read and abide by the following advice from the folks over in our legal department.

The logo

"Greenpeace", including the Greenpeace logo, and "Rainbow Warrior" are internationally registered trade marks of Stichting Greenpeace Council.

Use of both trade marks is granted on the condition that these shall be purely for referential and non-commercial use.

The trade marks remain the exclusive property of Greenpeace, and by using them you agree that you shall not, in any way whatsoever, register or attempt to register or challenge the same.

Do not use the trade marks in any way liable to invalidate their registration; the right to use the trade marks is granted only to the extent that Greenpeace is able to do so without endangering the validity of the registrations.

(Our lawyers really prefer to be wrestling with environmental criminals and standing up for your right to peacefully protest, so please don't do anything in violation of the ground rules here to distract them. They get grumpy dealing with stuff like this.)

We expressly forbid the use of any Greenpeace material appearing at this site for:

  1. * Personal or corporate gain except by express permission.
  2. * Party Political Advertising or the suggestion of endorsement by Greenpeace of any candidate for public office.
  3. * Any suggestion of Greenpeace endorsement of a product or policy where such endorsement has not explicitly been made by Greenpeace itself.
  4. * Any suggestion of Greenpeace endorsement of violence or property destruction.
  5. * Any false representation of yourself as a Greenpeace office, employee, agent, or official spokesperson.