Webby Award Guide to Greener electronics Apple fans Challenge
Design a campaign T-shirt Make a new Apple advert for the campaignCreate an alternative Steve Jobs speech

ProCreate your own t-shirt

Got a talent for making video and want to help spread the Green Apple message? Here you can download our footage from the e-waste yards in China and India to edit and use in your video. Use it to make your own video about e-waste and how Apple should be a leader in helping tackle this problem. There are also some additional some graphics resources to get you started. The only limitations are please use the logo provided, a positive campaign message and the website URL somewhere in your video. View the best video's submitted so far.

  • Large Green Apple logo.
  • Download our footage from the e-waste yards in China (67MB) and India (34MB). These files are large Quicktime files for editing only. Here are our videos suitable for viewing.
  • Large photos you might want to use.

If you want to send us a video, publish it on any popular video sharing site and send us the link. We'll feature the best videos here on the site. But some of them we'll only share with you first by e-mail, so be sure to sign up.

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