Greenpeace | Procreate


Want to wear the hip new GreenMyApple T-shirts? Well get started on designing one. Chances are, if you’ve got a Mac you’ve got some creative talent. Talent you want to use for good, not evil. Use your Mac to make Macs better. Design a sticker. Then put a sticker on your Mac. Put a sticker on your friend’s Mac. Put a sticker on your friend.

  • Design a campaign poster or t-shirt.
  • Use our footage to make a video about the issue.
  • Grab a Green My Apple logo here.
  • Repurpose some of our images from the e-waste dumps in Asia.
  • Create an alternative Steve Jobs speech.
  • Make an alternative Apple ad.

If you want to send us something, publish it and send us the link. (Publish it on a .mac address and you get IP address IP (Irony Points): !). We’re featuring the best designs and ideas. But some of them we’ll only share with you first by e-mail, so be sure to sign up.